Equal Opportunities at DEE Piping Possibilities…

At DEE Piping Systems, we believe in providing equal opportunities to all potential candidates and employees

  • While recruiting candidates we do not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion, gender, marital status, ancestry, social standing & socio-economic background
  • The job posting and information made available in the portal for vacancies are clear and accurate to enable potential applicants to assess their own suitability for the post.
  • All descriptions and specifications of openings notified in the portal includes only requirements that are necessary and justifiable for the effective performance of the job.
  • The selection procedure is fair, transparent, unbiased and conducted against defined criteria laid down as per the requirement of the job role.
  • All employees are having equal access to company related information and Company policies.
  • Company Policies and practices are fair and transparent and cater to all levels / grades of employees.
  • A culture of open communication is being practiced and a process of continuous communication is facilitated regarding company matters, policies, amendments, employee entitlements and benefits, etc.
  • All employees are given equal opportunities to be trained in functional areas, behavioural aspects, appropriate systems, processes and modules.
  •  All employees are provided equal opportunity to be heard and voice their concerns during their stint with the company.
  • All employees are given opportunity to discuss their job role, performance, special contribution, career path and training needs with their Managers, HODs and HR.